Custom Item Illustration

Custom Item Illustration


Give your players something special to reward them, or treat yourself to a custom illustration of your character’s prized possession! Item illustrations exist outside of The Griffon’s Saddlebag and are for your exclusive use!

You’ll receive an email immediately after purchasing a commission with a link to a Google form where you can describe your item. Completed illustration commissions come with:

  1. 2400px x 2400px illustration

  2. File variants with and without labels or background elements

  3. Ready-to-print exclusive card design of the item

Commissions do not include mechanical write-ups and are item illustrations only. The description of the item’s functionality that you provide will be entered on the back of the card, with longer mechanical write-ups being split between multiple cards. Completed commission art will be shared on Instagram as stories unless otherwise requested — you can leave your social media information in the form provided if you’d like to be tagged in it!

Expect delivery within the month of purchase. First come, first served! One purchase per person, per month, please.

Commissions are made available in batches of 15 on the first of each month at 12pm EST/EDT (GMT -5/-4). If this month’s commissions are sold out, try and set a reminder for the first of next month! Thank you so much for the interest!

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